Industrial Pressure Washing Equipment

Since 1957 Washtronics has led the industry in the manufacture of advanced-technology fleet and commercial vehicle wash equipment, including a revolutionary concept in industrial pressure washer design. The Washtronics system is modular and provides several advantages over competitive units that are notoriously problematic, expensive to operate and relatively difficult to service.

If you are considering buying an Alkota, Hotsy, Karcher or Coleman pressure washer, or one from any of a number of pressure washer companies, distributors and manufacturers, you may want to consider the Washtronics line of commercial pressure washers and pressure washing equipment.

Systems are designed for high pressure washing, using hot or cold water and/or detergents. The natural gas powered pressure washers use heat exchangers that are energy efficient and eliminate the expense associated with heater coils.

The Washtronics system uses a direct drive pressure washer pump that is safer and less trouble to maintain. The unit is modular and with fully independent pumps and controls to ensure that your car or truck wash bay remains operational even when one module is being serviced. Furthermore, the Washtronics Pressure Washer can be serviced by any licensed plumber, making it one of the most economical and reliable pressure washers in the market.

Washtronics pressure washers are suitable for Bus Wash, Truck Wash, Train Wash and Car Wash operations.

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